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 Grenfell Campus Calendar of Events

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​Grenfell Campus Calendar of Events

< March, 2015 >
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  World War 1 Symposium: Presentations by Students and Opera Screening
  World War 1 Symposium: Presentation by Students and Opera Screening
  World War 1 Symposium: Presentations by students and Opera Screening
  Dark matter research: Past, present and future
  Interest in Pinterest?
  Conversational French for the Beginner
  Public talk: Indigenous Sami culture and traditional healing: Between professional and popular knowledge
  Career Cafe - OT
  Story Writing
  Want to learn to use chopsticks?
  Grenfell Theatre presents Anna Karenina
  Visiting book artist: Inge Bruggeman
  Grenfell Campus Art Gallery: Anne Troake exhibition
  Films from Away: The Lunchbox
  UNESCO's 2015 Year of Light lecture
  Grenfell Theatre presents Anna Karenina
  South Sudan: Environmental pressures and political conflict
  Bye Bye Winter Blues: Edge of Tomorrow
  Grenfell Theatre presents Anna Karenina
  Bye Bye Winter Blues: Screening and "workshop" discussion
  Bye Bye Winter Blues
  The Vagina Monologues
  Grenfell Theatre presents Anna Karenina
  Science Mash: Arranging a fair and equitable walking schedule
  Conversational French for the Beginner
  Public talk: "Redesigning the Food System through Organic Agriculture"
  Story Writing
  Supporting gender and sexual diversity at Memorial University
  HNHS: Naturalists in Peru
  Fundamentals of Project Management
  Spring Advising Days
  Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement
  Fundamentals of Project Management
  Open Educational Resources: Curation Event at the Library
  Spring Advising Days
  Flipping it: Teaching and Learning in an Inverted Classroom
  Gros Morne Summer Music Development Initiative
  Spanish Club-Hola
  Historical Studies Society film presentation: Dr. Strangelove or: How I loved to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  Simply Accounting
  Films from Away: Like Father Like Son
  UNESCO's 2015 Year of Light Lecture
  March Hare: Grenfell Reading
  Today: Celebrate Pi Day! Open talk for Grenfell community
  Humanities and Philosophy Mixer
  Creating a Website Using WordPress
  Art Movie Night: Two films about the lives and works of artists
  Near-surface geophysics: Using GPR to investigate Paleoindian settlements
  Conversational French for the Beginner
  Open House: Grenfell Office of Engagement (GO Engagement)
  Study Abroad Panel
  Flag Parade
  Simply Accounting
  Story Writing
  GO Engagement Launch
  GO Engagement: Indigenous Art and Film
  Let's put Small-Scale Fisheries Back on the Map
  GO Engagement: Teddy Bear Clinic
  Grenfell Christian Fellowship
  Jamaican cultural immersion program
  Student Recognition Service Awards
  Learning disabilities information sessions
  Food Sampling Event
  Simply Accounting
  GO Engagement Films from Away: "The Milk of Sorrow"
  UNESCO's Year of Light Lecture
  Learning disabilities information session
  Oxfam Grenfell meeting
  Fit for the Queen: Creating the Canada House windows showcase in Trafalgar Square
  Flavours of the World: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  Multiculturalism after Party: Roomba!
  Mapping Canada's forest ecumene
  Conversational French for the Beginner
  Public talk to address internet phenomemon: Slender Man is coming!
  Lunch and Learn: The Impact of Experiential Learning
  Public Talk at WMRH: Andrea Kitta PhD, of East Carolina University
  Story Writing
  Leadership-Focused Team Building
  Campus Conversations: Space, Food and Furniture
  GIS applications specialist (post-diploma)program information session
  Eden Robinson Speaker Event & Reception
  Films from Away: "Poetry"
  Drop in get Linked IN
  New technologies in wireless communications systems
  MASH Science presentations
  Drop in get Linked IN
  Tourism studies 4950 presentation: An Assessment of the Port au Port Peninsula
  Costa Rica Conversations: A presentation re Grenfell's agreements with Costa Rica
  Romeo and Juliet
  Romeo and Juliet
  Presentation: Displaced communities in Newfoundland and Labraodr
  Want to learn the art of folding origami
  Romeo and Juliet
  Films for Away " The Violin"
  Romeo and Juliet

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